Thursday, November 7, 2013

Birthday Lust List: Beauty Edition

OMG I cannot believe that it's November already! That means that my birthday is just around the corner (November 30th). I decided to put together a few of my "Lust Lists" for a few things I've been craving this month.

Birthday Lust List: Makeup Edition

Sephora's VIB Insider sale is this weekend so I may pick up a few of these items for myself for my birthday. I'm obviously obsessed with purple lipsticks and glowing skin #sueme.

I love seeing these kinds of posts, so I hope you guys enjoyed it, I'll probably do another for fashion items or hair products I've been wanting.

What beauty items have you been lusting after? 
Share in the comments below! 


  1. great list, here's a pointer for you for the lorac palette, Ulta currently has it for sale for $39 including an eyeliner and face primer with purchase, it is called the rockin red pro set, hopefully you'll be able to find it!


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